How To Ensure the Kids Get the Exercise They Need


In the past, trying to make sure a child got exercise and did not suffer with the problems associated with obesity was quite simple. Children spent the majority of their day outside playing outdoor games with friends on swing sets, jungle gyms, and other outdoor toys and equipment.However, the unfortunate fact is that childhood obesity has been sharply on the rise since the year 2000. The childhood obesity rates have increased from 14.5 percent in 1999-2000, to 17.3 percent in 2011-2012.

It is undeniable that the Western diet has drastically changed over the past 25 years. Fast food, convenience foods, and eating on the go have replaced the traditional family meals. Additionally, technology has changed rapidly and drastically over the same period. Adults and kids alike have become increasingly stationary, as technology has allowed us to do more, and enjoy a wide variety of entertainment as well, from our seats.It has become “normal” to spend hours in front of some form of screen – television, computers, tablets, or mobile phones. Unlike past generations, today’s generation of children spend more time inside, going outside to play only during the brief recess periods at school.


Children and adolescents should do 60 minutes (1 hour) or more of physical activity each day. Perhaps it is time today’s parents encourage their kids to enjoy some ‘throw back’ fun. Most adults will remember the enjoyment of playing on the swings at school, the park or even our own back yards. The joys of swinging as high as possible, having races with our friends, and getting a giggle from that little tummy tickle created by the momentum.

Another perennial kid’s play equipment favourite is the jungle gym. These have always come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles. They range from smaller frames that can fit into a backyard, to the larger sizes that can be found at parks and school playgrounds.It can be a lot of fun deciding with your child what pieces of equipment to install in your backyard to create a fun play space. Outdoor systems come in a wide array of shapes, and sizes. There are even theme sets, such as a fire truck, castle, fort, and much more.

If your space or budget does not stretch to swing sets or a play system, there is also the option of installing a basketball system. These can be installed anywhere there is a hard enough surface to bounce the ball; whether it is a driveway, custom-built court, or an area of ground near the house. Playing basketball is a fun exercise that encourages sportsmanship and a sense of fair play, as well as building bonds with friends and family.You can find a wide array of basketball equipment online from a variety of companies; including Play Rainbow (find their products at Providing your child with outdoor swing sets, jungle gyms, basketball systems, and other types of equipment from reputable companies, like Play Rainbow, will not only improve their health and build muscle control, but it also helps forge and strengthen friendships.

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Unorthodox Birthday Party Ideas For Your Kid And Friends

“When it’s time for your kid to have a birthday party, you may find yourself stressed out, trying to think of the best party that you can give your kids. It’s an annual stress, and you’re probably thinking each year that you just went through this and can you believe a year has come and gone so fast. Especially if you have a bunch of kids, you will always be planning birthday parties. So you’re probably tapped. No more ideas. So you can either take the crew to the Chuck E Cheese – again – or try one of these unorthodox birthday party ideas.

1. Desert Adventure

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You can do some boring activity inside, like bowling or roller skating, or you can take the gang camping out in Joshua Tree for a night. You’ll probably want to use a Los Angeles car rental place like and get yourself something that can go off-roading for the trip, and then pack the kids and the gear in and have a blast. The kids will enjoy having a time out in nature and away from their cell service and will thank you for it later. It’ll be a memorable birthday celebration, one that will give them memories to last a lifetime. And you all may just learn something about life and the world while you’re at it.

2. Griffith Observatory

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Most kids will roll their eyes at the idea of going to a museum for their birthday, so don’t suggest it. However, the Griffith Observatory is not a typical museum, it’s got a load of activities that your kids and their friends will absolutely love. There’s a planetarium, and great interactive exhibits downstairs. The guides are going to be super cool and helpful to your crew and you’ll also almost trick them into learning. The grounds of the observatory are also awesome, although they still have Pluto listed as a planet! A great learning opportunity to tell your kids about how planets are classified as such.

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Capture the Moment Child Growth

childThe growth of children is something to be happy for all parents . Especially for those who first have a child . Children became weary of encouragement for parents when it comes to say hello. Thus, each moment is very dear to the growth of child abandonment.

There are many ways that you can do to capture the moment of your child’s growth . Among them by using a digital camera or a professional camera . However , you have to find the right angle to record it .

Give Toys

Toys become a major attraction for the baby , especially infants over the age of 1 year . Infants to age 1-3 years is the golden age of the baby . In that age , the baby will experience growth and development . Thus , mothers can with intense attention to the growth of the baby .

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Teach Children to Become Good Friends

teachChildhood , young adults are the future quite difficult to deal with . Not infrequently the children stranded in a situation that completely changed , struggle with the temptation of drugs , violence , bullying , promiscuity standard today and so on . Therefore , do not forget to teach your child to be a good friend , so you help him learn to help himself to conquer his world . The trick ? Check out the following .

1 . Train with examples
Children learn a lot from the environment and what he sees every day . If you want your children to learn good manners towards his friends , then demonstrated it to apply well to your friends .

2 . Say ” No”
Help your child to learn to say ” no ” to the situation relating to violence , bullying , and bad habits that may occur in their environment . This will help children to survive to adulthood them .

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What the Watch Collector on Your List Really Wants

It’s that time of year again, and the watch lover on your list has been dropping hints. They would really love another watch more than anything else, but just to keep it interesting we won’t go there. We’ll just stick to watch-related items (and one clock/chronometer) that are sure to make watch lovers everywhere swoon. We will start at the beginning, with a watch case for storing those precious timekeepers.

Watch Storage Box

LA Shop Second Batch 8-1

These come in all manner of sizes and materials. We recommend getting one larger than is presently needed—collections have a way of growing into them. A glass top is nice for viewing.

Vintage Hamilton 21 Ship Chronometer

LA Shop Second Batch 8-2

These are pricey and will set you back a couple thousand, but there is simply nothing finer of its kind in the world. It will look superb sitting on the coffee or end table of the watch lover’s living room or office. Over 13,000 Hamilton 21s were made during World War II for the US Navy. Our allies in the UK were stunned when they learned how many we were making every week. Their weekly production of high-grade chronometers was measured in single digits.

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Way for Children to Get Used to Reading the Book

readingBooks are the windows to the world’s information . Without reading , children cannot recognize how wonderful the world . The information presented by the book is also very important for the development of the child’s mindset .

But not all kids love to read books . Because the child is more like playing for hours rather than reading a book , even though it was only for 10 minutes . For those of young children , exhausted body preferably from the tired mind even just sit and try to understand the contents of the book .

Precisely for a small child to sit monotonous activities and holding a book is a very tedious activity . So no wonder children prefer to actively move the diverse activities rather than just read books all day .

Actual parents must also understand the nature of each child . Besides , the role of parents in children’s development mindset also contribute enormous .

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